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The Power of Rebooting: Your Quick Fix for Tech Troubles

As the stereotype goes, when you report a problem to your IT team, their first question is often, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"  While it might seem annoying, the reality is that many issues can indeed be fixed with a reboot. The longer you keep your computer running without a restart or shutdown, the higher the chances of encountering problems.

Over time, it's normal for a computer to exhibit decreased performance when left running without a restart for a long time.

This phenomenon occurs because a reboot effectively frees up memory space, restarts frozen applications and eliminates temporary files accumulated from various software applications.

A computer restart can also be a solution for network drive-related problems. If you encounter difficulties in connecting to one or all of your network drives, performing a computer reboot forces it to make another connection attempt.

Rebooting your computer also resolves problems related to freezing or unresponsive applications. In cases where your computer becomes unresponsive, and you can't access the start menu to perform a restart, you can manually power it down.

This process is done by pressing the power button for eight seconds until it turns off and then pressing the power button again to restart it.

Whenever you install a Windows update, it is essential to restart your computer as the changes may not have taken effect, and you may only be protected once you do.

Frequently rebooting your computer, especially when encountering the described problems, can significantly reduce IT support inquiries.

It streamlines troubleshooting for your IT team, as they will know that a reboot has been attempted before seeking their assistance. And, perhaps most importantly, being able to confidently respond with "Yes, indeed!" when asked, "Have you tried restarting your computer?".

Are issues still persistent in your computer after a reboot? We can help! Contact us today at (817) 752-4660.


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